A Thousand Rivers: Lamneth continent theme

Against Galactic Odds: Whole-act boss theme

Barnard's Sunrise: Title theme

Clip Their Wings: Air boss theme

Dead Center: Administration Hall theme (1-F Ground)

Dragon Mountain: Taishan continent theme

Get Off My Planet: Ground boss theme

Keeping Up The Pace: Hydro Plant theme (1-D)

No Pressure: Missile Installation Exterior (1-C Ground)

Planetville: General Hera City theme (1-A, 1-C exterior)

Predators Now Pray: Segment boss theme

Proving Grounds: Entreprises Fauconvert indoor theme

Purple Streak: Seraphine's Theme

Situation: D-71 Civil Defense Force stage theme (1-B Ground)

Sky Protector: Chapter 1 air stage theme

Steel Seraph: Act 2 flight theme

Storm The Void: Late-game flight theme

The Great Canopy: Barchetta continent theme

You Were Warned: Williams Shopsphere stage theme (1-E Ground)