Main Character:

Séraphine Letourneau

A former Federated Worlds Air Force corporal turned test pilot for Entreprises Fauconvert in District 12. You play her part as she flies, runs and fights her way through the invading forces, collecting equipment and allies along the way.

Important NPCs

Mr. Jean-Francois Fauconvert

The founder of Entreprises Fauconvert, the engineering, research and development company where Seraphine works, in District 12 of Hera City. Founded the company after suffering life-threatening injuries to his face, neck, heart and right lung. The facial injuries required him to wear a mask for the rest of his life.

Miriam Parker

A robotics engineer who came into Fauconvert once Kirschner Prosthetics relocated to the other side of the city. Has a long-standing friendship with Seraphine.

Marc-Andre Printannier

An aerospace engineer who was hired into Fauconvert straight out of university.

Altair al-Fayed

A logistical engineer from Marrakech who joined Fauconvert on an intergalactic exchange program.

Jeremy Kazahara
(picture not taken)

Seraphine's acting mission control operative, one of many for several field testers in the company. Provides real time information on behalf of the company during Seraphine's excursions.

Dr. Gary Weinrib

One of the two leading researchers of the Xenospecies Research Department. A bit frivolous, but direct.

Dr. Alexander Zivojonovic

One of the two leading researchers of the XRD. Informative and serious about his work, but can be a bit hard to follow.

Sgt. Una Gehring

A soldier and squad-leader of the Civil Defence Force.