Cycle 175, Day 55 of planet Hera of Barnard's star (April 17, 2299)
In a distant future, a civilization on a planet orbiting Barnard's Star braces itself for an invasion by an assortment of unidentified extraplanetary species. You play as Seraphine Letourneau, a test pilot performing a routine exercise for a major technological research and development company, testing an experimental personal flight device. After you encounter an armed scout ship during the test and destroy it, it becomes clear that you must ready your tools and combat expertise and set out on a quest to aid in eradicating the threat once and for all.

The demo consists of the whole first act out of four. More information to follow as we develop the rest of the game. As of right now, we are working on Act 2 Segment E (5th of 7 in that act).